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Banksia Preschool & Long Daycare Centre is an approved service and offers subsides to parents through the Federal Governments Childcare Benefit and Rebate Schemes.

  • Our daily fee is the same regardless of the child’s age.
  • Our full daily fee is $80.00
  • Our fees, after subsidy, start from $16.49 and go up to $80.00
  • Our fees are increased each July. This is at the same time as the childcare benefit is usually increased thru the federal government.

We do not charge a fee or any bond upon enrolment.

We also offer the first two days free.

Two weeks, paid notice is required when exiting from the centre.

The fees also cover tennis lessons from a Tennis coach, Eli Bayliss school of tennis, for some on Tuesday and a yoga programme conducted by a Professional Yoga teacher on Monday morning.

We accept parents using the JET programme. Please see Centrelink for information regarding this.