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At Banksia our curriculum is provided by qualified educators who believe that each child is an individual and develops at their own pace. As educators we are here to support that learning in every way.

Our curriculum is developed in conjunction with parental input,children’s voices, community ideas and cultural events. Intentional teaching is also very important to add to the curriculum in the areas of learning that will give a child skills for life.

All children are offered a flexible curriculum designed around the individual needs, interests and strengths, that are closely linked to developmental theory and the Principle, Practices and Outcomes as set out in the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia.
We offer a preschool programme to help those children transitioning to primary school the following year. This allowing their learning journey to begin as a positive experience. Numeracy, pre-literacy, social development, music, movement and the love of a physical environment are all offered in a play based informal atmosphere.

We are very aware of the world and how we need to care for it for future generations. We have embedded into our day recycling, reusing, and caring for our animals. Our garden areas allow the children to grow their own foods and eat it straight from the garden. Planting foods we can feed to our animals. Our bathrooms have air hand dryers to minimise paper wastage. Email is used wherever possible to ensure we use less paper.

Being a sustainable centre will, hopefully, help to leave a smaller imprint on the environment and leave it a better place.

With both indoor and outdoor learning environments, we are able to offer our children an inspiring curriculum that is presented by an environment that is full of intrigue and excitement