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The management and educators of Banksia Preschool are committed to providing an educational and stimulating programme in a friendly, safe, caring, relaxed, friendly and positive atmosphere. This is done in partnership with staff, families and children.

Within this we aim to:

  • Support childrens emerging skills in all areas of development
  • Foster a positive sense of self and self esteem for all children
  • Create a sense of belonging for the child, parents and extended family
  • Promote freedom to visit or stay at the centre and become involved in the centres activities
  • Offer children experiences that are authentic and unhurried to ensure uninterrupted play and learning.
  • Provide materials and provisions for use in play that encourages independent thinking, exploring and problem solving.
  • Support children to learn through play by providing a wide variety of materials and educational experiences based on their individual and or additional needs.
  • Provide a home like environment that is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Ensure the health, safety & well being of staff, families and children whilst at our centre.
  • Establish links to the community and training agencies to ensure up to date practices
  • Form supportive and respectful relationships with families using our centre.
  • To develop an awareness and sensitivity to the needs of others regardless of gender or cultural background.
  • Provide fair and consistent behaviour management.
  • Encourage children to interact in a socially acceptable manner whilst recognising all children/adults have rights that should not be infringed on.